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The Complete Stories:


"Viewed from this vantage, the book’s title does not promise us some totality of narrative vision but rather something humbler: whatever else these poems are, they are complete — they are finished."

The Adroit Journal
"In a book concerned with...the doubled self of a writer, I note the repeated use of forms of the verb “make” in its final lines. The pleasurable making of pasta as opposed to the painful making of literature..."

Like the individual drafts of a poem, the figures that impel this book forward...are staged as in-motion, figures for action, symbols to be dramatized, as if the sentences from his “previous draft” may externalize themselves to become the narration of real life. "

Library Journal Editor's Pick
"Noah Warren ... investigates disrupted relationships and childhood loss to capture our steady if fragmented traversal through life."

Publisher's Weekly Spring Poetry 2021
"The Complete Stories examines public and private history while offering a path forward marked by responsibility and hope."

Literary Matters
"These poems recognize that endings are provisional, wobbling their landings in resonant images that linger past the finish." 

Full LJ Review
“Warren… investigates loss, grief, and struggling to make sense of one’s life in quietly burnished language.”


The Adroit Journal

American Poets

The Destroyer in the Glass:

Publisher's Weekly:
"The poems are lithe and fluid, rhythmic and pointed...Warren offers a raw and piercing vision"

Scout Poetry:
"This book interrogates the mysteries of self and other in a quest for empathy, that most elusive of moral values and perhaps the one most reliant on the poet’s powers of imagination. These poems are as formally various as they are technically adept."

Chapter 16: 
"In his debut poetry collection ... Noah Warren displays an uncanny calm in the face of the unknowable. 'Empathy' offers a glimpse of how far his mind can be stretched, a hint that there are no limits to his imagination..."

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